Sunday, 13 February 2011

Thinking and Feeling

Are Dolphins aware of their own mortality and that of others?  There are countless stories of Dolphins saving human beings from drowning these are the stories that have actually been reported, I wonder how many other encounters from around the world have gone unreported.
For thousands of years humans have told stories of Dolphins helping people, since humans and Dolphins do not engage in a two way communication, how do Dolphins know when humans are stressed or in need of assistance?  Do they sense distress?  Why would a Dolphin want to help a human? What is it about humans that Dolphins find interesting?

Here are a few stories of Dolphins helping people: -

Not only have Dolphins saved Humans there have been stories of Dolphins helping their own species
Luckily Nari made a full recovery and returned to his friends.
I find the following excerpt from the article interesting '

'A dolphin badly injured in a shark attack has been escorted by a mate into the care of human hands
It has now also emerged that Echo's sympathy for Nari may stem from an incident in 1996 when Echo was himself attacked by a shark.
What has thrilled wildlife experts even more is the trust that Nari has appeared to put in the humans who were able to lift him without a struggle into a boat and take him to the mainland to be treated by vets.

(Please note I do not agree with captivity and Thankfully Sea World rehabilitated Nari and set him free again into the wild)

Self consciousness and self awareness has been said to be only unique to humans, I think differently, Dolphins must have thoughts, emotions, vulnerability to emotional pain and the ability to control their actions.

Please have a look at the following article (I apologise as this is distressing a) to see these beautiful mammals in captivity and b) to see the stress that each individual is under.)
IMPORTANT - Please look at the Individual beings in the tank, are they showing signs of empathy towards their friend? Are they aware their friend is under stress?  What are they thinking or indeed feeling?  If they had no awareness or conciousness surely they would continue to ignore what's happening and continue to swim around the tank oblivious to what has happened to the other Dolphin

Do Dolphins recognise other minds? Do they control and freely choose their behaviour?  Do they experience freedom?  OMG so many questions............

I wish I had the answers.  Does it make you want to actively find out more about the mammals that we share our world with.  Please think before you buy a ticket to see a captive animal and tell your friends about the change in thought that you may have after considering the above articles. 
Please research more into Dolphins and Whales as beings not as a show piece or marine resource.

Please if you have been inspired, helped or even saved by Dolphins or Whales, help to be their voice. Thousands of Dolphins and Whales each year are hunted, caught in nets and die due to habitat degradation. Help to raise awareness.

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The 'Helped by Dolphins' aim is to raise awareness regarding the positive actions that Dolphins and Whales have offered human kind and also to help to be their voice.
Helped by Dolphins was created by two people who are passionate about making a positive change. 

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